Tips for travel to make your vacation the best possible

Vacations are the best part of everyone’s life. May it is children as well as grown up, all love vacations. It gives a time off from your busy schedule and a life of your own. Moreover, vacations also give you certain health benefits like freedom from stress, remove depression, makes you happy, etc, All of this develops a strong health in your body.

There are people who love to go on vacation while there are also others who aren’t that familiar with vacations. There are new to this and is not sure of the right way to be on a vacation. Hence here are some tips that can help you prepare for your vacations. However, these tips can also be very useful for the regular traveler if they have been doing something wrong.

Pack light

Vacations mean vacation and that you are not going there to settle, hence make it a point that you take as less as you could. The lesser the things the lesser you have to carry the trouble. With the luggage in your hand, you won’t be free to roam anywhere as you like.

Pack as little as you can. It just a short trip and you need to realize that.

Take an extra credit card

You never know what place you are going to be and in a distinct land, you have to make sure that you take all the precaution. Money is important and you have to make it a point that you carry not just one but two credit card. You might lose your credit card or might be stolen so having an extra credit card someone hidden can direct you back to your home.

In addition to that, increase the limit of the credit card because you also don’t know how much the travel would cost you. Hence even if you don’t require that much of cash you should still increase the limit.

Don’t be ashamed of using the map

In the world of Google maps the traditional map is almost out of the play. However, you should not be awkward about using a map. In fact, it is more reliable than the phone maps because your phone may be drained at any time. In such a scenario you would be lost.

As soon as you land in the place make sure that look for the city maps so that you avoid any future problems. You can also ask people for directions as they can be the best to guide you.

Make extra copies of your passport

Passport and the visa are the most important document that you need to have all the time. You can afford to lose it. Hence you can always make a copy of it so that in case you lose the original one you have a proof.

You can also email the documents to yourself so that you can also download it whenever you need.


This is some common but important tips you should always follow so that you are out of any trouble and can enjoy the trip to your best.

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KiwiNewZ News Zines

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Kia Ora

KiwiNewZ welcomes subscribers and infotravelseekers. We will be publishing monthlyish issues covering what’s going down in our neck of the woods with relevant travel tips, current environmental issues, weather patterns, super duper travel deals domestic & international etc, with links to relevant websites. Just good clean green stuff from southern New Zealand.

Heres the contents for the April 2000 issue;


Real oysters are back on the menu, we have winners galore, Nelson displays art on your sleeve , trade me online kiwi classifieds, Gold Rush race to the sky, and Coronal Mass Ejections.


Photo Nelson Mail

For our back issues check out;

February 2000
Easter is looming with Warbirds over Wanaka 2000and the Queenstown Gold Rush, the Coast to Coast- a Judkins legend, traffic waves while you sit in the rush hour, Friedrich Hundertwasser and his fab toilets, Queeners – bungy capital of the world, great airfares to New Zealand from USA, Queenstown to Sydney direct flights kick in and Queenstown events roll on.

December 1999

Queenstown floods and we all get wet, be a virtual spectator at the America’s Cup, what’s a quokka, win a free kiwi key ring, what’s the 17th man, a study on Stewart Island Robins, the shoe fence and land of the last light.


October 1999 – Schedule for the America’s Cup in Auckland, air points are us – guide to frequent flyers free flights, guide to walking the Milford Tack unguided, Y2K Whisky Heritage Tour, Stewart Island National Park, Mt Bruce Wildlife recovery report, cheap flights from the US to NZ.

April 1999 – domestic NZ flights, help plan your Milford Track attack, visit Stewart Island National Park, swim with a patagonian toothfish, congratulate the Kakapo, fall out of love with cruise ships and yes can you believe it snowed in our backyard.

March 1999 – Under the bonnet, what does Kia ora mean, send a free message anywhere in the world, Queenstown Gold Rush Hill Climb, Kakapo chicks caught on camera, WIN a FREE weekend in Queenstown

February 1999 -Time out, Te Awamutu’s famous family, A beast of an adventure race, Travel tips, How to name a hump

November 1998 – The big snow in October, The Takahe is Extinct, AJ Hackett Bungys 10 Birthday, Maori History at Arrowtown, Waiorau Snow Farm Spins On, Pilot Whales Beached

October 1998 – tuatara’s multiple sexes, Waitutu Forest, AJ Hackett flys again in godszone.

August 1998 – Hector Dolphins, Crown Range tunnel, pregnant tuatara’s, AJ Hackett adventure clothing.

July 1998 – Ostraya and Pauline Hanson, Merino Mink and Riverton’s Paua.

June 1998 – Viagra vs Oysters, Brass Monkeys and Yellow Eyed Penguins.

May 1998 – the Inaugural issue – Stewart Island, Bluff Oysters and weird walking weather.

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New Zealand Birds

During New Zealand’s early time of isolation, birds continued to arrive and develop without large predators, making them vulnerable to foreign and more recent arrivals. The predators that have really been widely destructive were the mustelids, cats and European rat species. The most important impact of pre-Europeans was the widespread burning used in moa-hunting especially in the drier areas of the South Island.

New Zealand has the worlds largest (and probably only flightless) parrot ( the Kakapo ), the only truly alpine parrot ( kea ), the oldest reptile ( tuatara ), the biggest earthworms, the heaviest insect ( also the largest weta ), the smallest bats, some of the oldest trees, and many of the rarest birds, insects, and plants in the world….

NZ is home to the world famous Tuatara, a lizard-like reptile which dates back to the dinosaurs and perhaps before (260 million years?). The only member of its order (Rhynchocephalia) it is now restricted to protected offshore islands which you have to have special permission to visit. Specimens are kept at some zoos and the fantastic Invercargill museum.

Far too many species of bird have become extinct since humans arrived on NZ including the various species of Dinornis (moa) the largest of which stood up to 2.5 metres high. While the rare Takahe (Notornis australis) can be seen in semi-wild conditions at Te Anau, the Kakapo is too endangered to be on display anywhere.

The New Zealand Kiwi

So ask the average Kiwi bloke or sheila how many varieties of Kiwi birds there are in New Zealand and most will look you out of the corner of the eye and say, “One”? Only a few of those will be able to name them and fewer still will have ever seen one in the wild.

Check out a few photos and further information on the New Zealand Kiwi …. and find out how many there really are.

Yellow Eyed Penguin

Cute as can be, found on the south coast find out more information on the yellow eyed penguin and what does Hoiho mean?


Extinct – well that’s what they all thought for over 30 years.

South Island Kokako

Renowned as a song bird the South Island Kokako is thought to be extinct, but hope still holds …


The cutest greenest parrot has lived on tenderhook until the 1999 breeding season.

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